How to View Saved Passwords in Microsoft Edge

How to View Saved Passwords in Microsoft Edge

October 26, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Have you ever saved all of your important passwords for your important and daily used apps/websites like Facebook, Gmail or any other site whilst logging in using Microsoft Edge which is a new installation to the windows family of browsers. It works perfectly fine and smooth. If you’re not sure on how to reach all your passwords, here is a way how;

    Offers to Save Passwords

    When you log in, they ask you if you want your password to be saved and if you click yes, the password will be stored in your PC and you can log in easily whenever you want. If Microsoft does not offer to save your password then the option must be turned off. To enable this, click on More actions (three dots at the top right) and click “Settings”

    Click on “View Advanced Settings”. Scroll down to “Privacy and Services” and click “Offer to save passwords”. That way now every time Microsoft Edge will remember your password.

    Microsoft Credential Manager

    In Control Panel, Microsoft Credential Manager saves your credentials to your PC like username, passwords or the URL to which a certain password has been saved for.

    Steps to View Saved Passwords of Microsoft Edge:

    Go to Control Panel and click “User Accounts

    From there click on “Credential Manager” and then select the “Web Credential Tab”. You should be able to see all your saved passwords and usernames here saved for selected websites.

    If you are confused as to which password belongs to which website, then you can easily look at the URL the credential belongs to. There would be a downward arrow and by clicking and dragging it down you can view all details

    Your password would be viewed as “ *****” so you can easily change the style and read it by clicking on “show”

    As soon as you click on ‘Show’ you will be asked to enter the current account password for your PC in order to verify the ownership of the PC. It might be time consuming but this feature prevents other unauthorized users from barging in on your personal details.

    When you have seen the password you can click on “hide” and easily hide all the credentials and they will go back to looking the way they were before.

    If you feel like it is unnecessary for you to save your password like this then there is a very easy way to remove it. Just right where all your credentials are saved, click “Remove” and all the stored/ saved credentials would be erased out of the Computer’s memory.

    The Shortcut

    If you find the above mentioned ways a bit complicated, then just open Microsoft Edge and click on the Menu.

    From the Menu go to the Settings and from there Scroll down till you see “Advanced Settings”. Click on it and Scroll down again. You will see “Manage Password”. Find and click the account to which you want to change the password or username or even an email ID of.

    The only thing you can’t view from here is the saved password but at least you can make changes in your already saved credentiasl.