Choose VPS Hosting for Smooth Website Functioning at Lower Cost

Choose VPS Hosting for Smooth Website Functioning at Lower Cost

August 7, 2018 By kirsten

    Virtual private server or VPS hosting is a newer form of web hosting that seeks to combine the best features of both shared and dedicated hosting. Basically VPS is all about running multiple virtual servers within one physical server. It as such, tries to mimic dedicated hosting within the realms of shared hosting environment. This type of hosting provides more control over the assigned resources and better security at a significantly lower cost. A hybrid of shared hosting and dedicated hosting, it supports higher online traffic and more control like dedicated server but only at a fraction of the cost of dedicated hosting.

    VPS Hosting at Lower Cost

    The majority of smaller organizations and businesses start with smaller websites with less online traffic and where security concerns do not feature very high in a webmaster’s priority list. However, as the website grows with growth in business operations, organizations realise that shared hosting is not fully equipped to handle large online traffic. They may lack the resources to invest in a dedicated server that is fully reserved to serve their organization.

    VPS hosting  stands somewhere between shared hosting (many websites on one server) and dedicated hosting (only a single website ) is perfectly suited to serve the web hosting needs of organizations that have outgrown shared hosting environment but lack the capability and resources to go for full fledged dedicated hosting. Medium to large firms opt for them as they realise that they have reached a stage where shared hosting is no longer a feasible solution for hosting their website, but at the same time want some experience before moving on to the more expensive dedicated server hosting.

    There also fewer security issues with VPS hosting. Virtual private server accounts unlike shared hosting come with own unique IP addresses, and the virtualization layer means that you remain completely affected by any problems arising on other sites.

    Virtual private hosting explained

    A virtual private server hosting is one which has been partitioned to have its own operating system along with its own set of dedicated resources like storage space, memory, CPU, RAM, etc. The end user who has been assigned his own particular virtual server is completely isolated from other users and can reboot his server or use it as it was their own dedicated server.

    The virtual server thus provided in fact resides on a physical server but mimics a dedicated server. It is an excellent hosting option for firms that need something more advanced than shared hosting but are not yet ready for the expensive dedicated server.

    Why go for VPS Hosting?

    A virtual private server is a good bridge between shared and dedicated hosting. Many businesses have preferences for it as it offers them better control and security as compared to shared web hosting but without the additional cost associated with dedicated server hosting. VPS also serves as a good starter package for organizations to get better acclimatised with the hosting world before jumping directly from shared hosting to dedicated hosting.

    Scalable Cloud Based VPS Hosting

    The real challenge in using conventional VPS hosting or for that matter, even dedicated or shared hosting is that they all have certain physical limitations that may be triggered by an increase in network traffic. This is not hard to decipher as all these types of hosting makes use of real man made machines with a definite amount of memory and processing power. However, in the real world many websites do not generate so much traffic that it will bring into light the limitations of these powerful servers and shared hosting or more specifically VPS hosting is adequate for these websites.

    But some ecommerce and other bigger sites generate tremendous amount of traffic on regular basis. Then there are sites with less regular traffic that occasionally experience a sudden and large spike in online traffic that is quiet hard to predict. Because of these hosting realities, many hosting firms offer something that is known as scalable cloud hosting. In this type of hosting a large number of computers representing a cloud are all clustered together to provide computational resources’ on demand’ basis.

    Some of the major benefits of VPS hosting

    A virtual private server is much less expensive than dedicated hosting despite offering some of the better features of dedicated hosting like improved security and better control with no interference from other account holders.

    VPS plans can be customised to meet your own unique sets of need and requirements. Quality service providers offer both Linux based and Windows based  VPS hosting are likely to give you root access and the ability to use scripts that are usually not allowed in a shared hosting environment.

    Many VPS plans are easily scalable. Businesses start on their own virtual server with minimum amount of resources and ask for additional resources anytime they feel that the current resources allocated to them are insufficient to meet their hosting needs.