VyprVPN Review – One of the Fastest VPN Services You can Try

VyprVPN Review – One of the Fastest VPN Services You can Try

October 31, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    VPN (Vartual Private Network) is a very familiar word among the peoples who want to bypass geo-restrictions or want to surf privately. There are a few quality VPN services. VyprVPN is one of them. With so many servers around the globe, it has very good reputation among its users.

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    VyprVPN Review:

    Personally, I have used this VPN service and my experience was overall good. So, I’ve decided to publish a review on it so that XtremeRain audience can get to know about it.


    Golden Frog’s VyprVPN is undoubtly a popular VPN service. It has all super features that a user may need. With 700+ servers (70+ locations in six continents) around the world with 200,000+ IPs. VyprVPN has the amazing speedy as well as dedicated privately owned network. Its desktop and mobile app are excellent. Users will get unlimited speeds and unlimited server switching facility without any restrictions. These are the major features of VyprVPN-

    • 700+ servers in 70+ global server locations.
    • 200,000+ IP addresses in 6 continents.
    • Apps for Easy Server Switching
    • Unlimited Speeds and no download cap with great VPN performance
    • Unlimited Server Switching
    • OpenVPN™, PPTP, L2TP/IPsec & Chameleon™
    • NAT Firewall
    • VyprDNS
    • Dump Truck Storage


    Its privacy policy is straightforward. VyprVPN doesn’t store your browsing logs. So, You are pretty safe with it. But, It stores source IP address, connection start and stop times etc. for 30 days. But, It doesn’t record which website you are visiting, which things you are downloading etc. You can read the full privacy policy from their website.


    Golden frog VyprVPN performs extremely fast. In their website, they have claimed that they provide the world fastest VPN service. I have not researched on it. But, When i have used, it was very fast. But, For some servers it was a bit slow but not bad. Users experience with VyprnVPN is just awesome. Chameleon masks its VPN to defeat VPN blocking. This is also highly secured. Users can enjoy VyperVPN on almost all popular devices without any issues.

    Does it Work with Netflix?

    Yes. When I used VyprVPN for Netflix, it worked for several server locations. But, All locations did not work. In fact, No VPN services can provide 100% guaranty for Netflix.

    Customer Support:

    VyperVPN provides one of the best customer support. Users can get 24/7/365 live support and email support. You will be highly satisfied with the speed, efficiency and technical knowledge of their customer supports agents.

    Plans & Pricing:

    VyperVPN offers 2 packages for their customers. These are vyprvpn and vyprvpn premium. I don’t recommend you the to buy the basic package. Because it has no firewall and only supports PPTP. Pro is their most popular package that has all features and a firewall. It supports 2 simultaneous connections. If you need more, You can choose Premium which supports 3 simultaneous connections with all features. There is also a business package.

    Pricing starts at $5.00/month if you pay annually. But XtremeRain.Com visitors can enjoy additional 25% discount on the annual plan. So the prices are Basic: $3.75/Mo & Premium $5/Mo. If you pay annually, you can enjoy this discount. If you want to pay monthly, the price will start at 9.95 USD for basic and 12.95 USD for the premium plan. Here are the pricing details:

    vypr VPN Plans discount

    There is also a free package with 500 MB data limit. This is a very basic package with no good features.

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    How You will Get Started:

    Go to VyprnVPN Website. Then choose a package and sign up. You may need to download an app. Then follow the instructions. For additional consultancy, contact with their customer support agents. You won’t have any difficulties as VyprVPN is supported on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Router.


    VyprVPN can attract anyone with its super speedy performance. If you are looking for a super fast VPN service with awesome features, VyprVPN can be your good choice. Personally, I’ve no problem to recommend it to you.