Best Ways to Reduce Your Stress

Best Ways to Reduce Your Stress

October 7, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    I guess you are aware of the fact that the synonym of stress is anxiety. It turns into anxiety when you don’t take care of it. It may sound normal but anxiety does not, right?  But do not be scared, having stress is very normal. We all do suffer with this issue, but don’t let it turn into an anxiety. It is very simple to reduce ; all you need to do is, to stop stressing from stress and handle it better.

    How to Reduce Your Stress:

    I am here just to remind you the facts you already know, but it may further help you to reduce your stress in a better manner.


    1. Try not to  picturing a perfect life but do dream.

    Nothing is supposed to be perfect, not you not your life and that is the fun of living. Having a perfect image set in your head can create more stress. Which means, you will run being achieving things continuously, instead of enjoying what you have already earned.  This doesn’t mean I am advising you not to plan your life, I am just suggesting to have mini goals, which also, you should not take them granted. This is how achieving each goal will make you feel blissful, and not accomplishing few, will not matter.

    2. Do not set time limits

    You need to be organized, but that doesn’t mean
    there is an exact time for each task. You are never too old or too young for anything. Just focus and work hard, at this moment, things will happen on time, do not look at your watch in every two minutes. Do not take the unnecessary stress; you have time, reduce the stress, instead of increasing it. You do not have to be perfect.


    3. Do not allow the society to make your  life decisions

    You do not need to have a job; a car; a husband/wife or children with in a certain age limit. For girls, there is no perfect age for marriage, sometimes society pushes you to believe the older you get, the lesser chances you have of getting a perfect man, but my dear, do you think a perfect man will even care about your age? No! There is no such thing like that. The older you get the wiser you are. You do not have to get married at your twenties, or have children before forties, take your time, do things when you
    want to. Look what Britney Spears did, 2008 wouldn’t have been so horrifying for her, if she didn’t get married at 23. For men, you are working hard that is what matters, if someone underestimates you for your financial state, it is their fault, and they do not know your worth. This is your life, these are your
    problems, do not let anyone decide your life; do not permit ordinary people affect you. They will only give you stress but will never help you to handle them.


    4. Know your problems, face them, and solve them. Please, do not complain about them

    You have those problems because you are supposed to learn from them, solving those problems will gain you more success than an easy lifestyle would have. Every individual has a problem. If you are not Lindsey Lohan, your problem has a solution. Besides, what help will complaining do, nothing but demotivate your core self.  Solving the problem will itself reduce the stress, running away and complaining will not.


    5. Believe in yourself

    Know that the stress you have is not permanent.You can easily reduce stress only by know that you can do it. So, stay strong.

    6. Do not share your problems

    Telling people will do no any  help, they will probably continue to remind you , about the absence of things, that may not matter to you. Keep your problem to yourself, reduce the stress,


    I hope it helped, stay happy, stay blessed.