7 Ways to Stay Motivated When Criticism Hits

7 Ways to Stay Motivated When Criticism Hits

October 13, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    World is a tough place to live in, especially if you are met with criticism or your every action and motive is being judged. Starting my business was hard on its own but the comments that the people passed and the questions they asked made it even harder.

    image source: conniedavisjohnson.com

    image source: conniedavisjohnson.com

    “How will you save up for retirement? I heard that 8 out of 10 businesses fail. This is temporary, right? Until you get a real job?”

    Every little comment and every little judgmental look shook my self-confidence from it roots, the self-confidence I had worked on day and night to build. I felt like I was alone and that no one believed in me. I suffered from self-doubt and it all felt like I was in a wooden creaking boat that was paddling down a fast current river with no one there to pull me back, and that is when I realized that I will never be enough for the people who only have an eye for flaws. Who only want to bring me down by mentioning everything that is wrong and not realize or appreciate the efforts I had to make in order to get where I am.

    7 Rules to my day to day life to not lose my motivation:

    I was scared, yes but I did not let that bring me down. I did not stay up countless nights and get where I am to let other people bring me down. I just knew in my head what I had to do and I applied these rules.

    1. Set Your Mission

    I always knew what I wanted to be. I knew what I needed in my life and what I was passionate about. I knew exactly what gave me the rush and to be a marketing coach was something I had dreamed about since I was little. Every time someone questioned my decision , I reminded myself of the promises I had made to my career that I would do everything in power to achieve my goal. Never lose your passion.Write it down on a post it and put it on your computer, so you are reminded of it every time you feel down.

    1. Don’t Justify your goals

    We are all hard wired differently. All of us do not think the same way and most of the time people do not understand why you would do something to start with. The best solution is to tell yourself that you do not owe anyone an explanation. The person who doesn’t understand now will never understand later and you do not need to waste your energy, justifying your decisions or choices. Just remain focused on what you have to do

    1. Be good at secrets

    I was really excited about my dreams that I told every possible person and later I realized how wrong that was because instead of being encouraged all I got was criticism. So do not reveal too much. Jot them down in your journal if you must.

    1. Opposites don’t always attract

    I realized that the reason why I got criticized was because not all of them thought the way I did. So be around the people from a similar background or a story. Who support your ideas and the ones you can see eye to eye with.

    1. Have time to yourself

    It is important to be in solitude and hear your inner voice to work on yourself and be stronger. Escape from the daily grind every once in a while and do what you love. You will find peace

    1. Talk to your predecessors

    Being in the company of the veterans is exactly what you need. With all the negativity going on, you need to hear some success stories too. Make a list of 5-10 people who have achieved a similar goal as yours and try to follow their footsteps. If they made it, so will you.

    1. Celebrate small successes

    Set small goals for yourself and when you achieve them, be proud. Treat yourself  and keep a record of your accomplishments. That will help you see how far you have come and overcame all hindrances. This will make you value yourself more and boost your self-confidence.

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