Microsoft Windows 10 Upgrade Process is becoming Easier

Microsoft Windows 10 Upgrade Process is becoming Easier

December 6, 2015 By kirsten

    Microsoft’s customers are demanding to promote Windows 10 as they are facing into some troubles to upgrade it. Recently, Microsoft has announced that they are making it easier for consumers to upgrade for free to Windows 10. The authority will also switch the version from an optional to a recommended install in Windows Update starting in early 2016. That could rankle that users who feel Microsoft is being a bit heavy-handed in pushing this upgrade on them. However, a pair of updates from Microsoft may offer some help to the users.

    Windows 10 Upgrade is preferred but Problematic:

    After releasing, Windows 10 has gained huge popularity. Most of customers from different countries of the world prefer this version to other operating systems. Consumers mostly like it because it is safer, faster, and familiar to them. The software is featured with a large number of innovations. Another advantage is offered by the company. Users can easily go back to the prior system. Sometimes, people feel hazardous and problematic with updated operating system. Such consumers have a scope to return to their previous situation. They can choose this option within 31 days after installing a newer variety. The process is very much easy. They have just to uninstall the upgrade and the earlier one will be restored automatically.

    Though Windows 10 has been accepted popularly, customers are facing a number of difficulties in its upgrading process. Some common errors are appearing to most of the installers. Activation is a frequent one among these errors. Sometimes, installer gets hanged during installation. Such glitches are claimed to be responsible for making the procedure difficult. Folks wish the problematic product to be modified soon.

    Steps taken by Microsoft to ease Windows 10 Upgrade process:

    Considering the customer’s convenience, the company is taking some remarkable steps to make the latest upgrading smoother. They keep options of choosing or declining the offer to control the task. However, it is recommended to choose the offer as it is the best Windows ever and consumers can easily go back to their prior version. Existing operators will not receive a “Get Windows 10” promoting notification in the system tray if they are not interested on it. The company authority declares that, their new product will appear very soon as an optional update for the user older issues. This change will make it easier for people to find the promotion. They have said, their Update is a trusted source of updates and more people will choose it even though it is optional.

    The version will be elevated to a “recommended” update in 2016. The giant software manufacturer is going to promote its Media Creation Tool soon, so that it can create a single image capable of upgrading device, regardless of whether it is 32-bit or 64-bit, or Home or pro. Operators can also use this tool to perform clean installs of their operating system. For pirated or non-genuine versions they have found, it’s possible to easily upgrade to Windows 10, but that won’t be legit either. With the best concern, the software company is trying to solve or decrease the most common glitches with the latest version of operating system.