How to fix camera not working problem in windows 10

How to fix camera not working problem in windows 10

September 20, 2018 By kirsten

    Though upgrading to windows 10 is a cinch, you might encounter a few problems with certain hardware after completing the upgrade. For instance, “camera not working” is a common problem that many new Windows 10 users complain about. In this article, You will know how to efficiently resolve the problem.

    camera not working - something went wrong windows 10 Screenshot

    Error Message

    You might get the “Something went wrong” error message when you try to access the camera. The camera settings in the new Windows operating system are different than in the previous ones. You will find more granular settings in Windows 10. You can select to which apps you want to give camera access.

    How to Fix Camera not Working Problem in Windows 10:

    You can resolve the error by completing these steps:

    1. Open the Start Menu
    2. Go to Settings and then select Privacy
    3. Click Webcam (present in the left-hand side menu)
    4. Check the status of the “Let the app use my camera” option. If it’s OFF, select the ON option.

    These simple steps prove sufficient in resolving the camera issue in majority of cases. However, in case the problem persists, you’ll have to rollback the drivers of your camera.

    Rolling back drivers of the camera

    Perform the steps listed ahead.

    1. Go to the taskbar and right click Windows button
    2. Click Device Manager in the menu that appears on the screen
    3. There will be many devices listed in the Device Manager box. You need to select and expand Imaging Devices (by clicking the “>” sign against it). Sometimes camera might be present under the entry “Sound video and game controllers”
    4. Right click on the Camera option and then click Properties
    5. Select the General tab in the dialog box that now opens in front of you
    6. Write down the name of the camera manufacturer and camera model. This is very important because when you rollback camera drivers, Windows install generic—and not the latest drivers made specifically for your camera—camera drivers. In many cases, that’s all you need. However, in some cases generic drivers limit the functionality of your camera. In that case you would need to download the latest drivers directly from the camera’s manufacturer website.
    7. Now click Driver in the dialog box
    8. Click Roll back driver
    9. Click Yes when asked to confirm your action

    After Windows has rolled back the camera drivers it will prompt you to reboot Windows. You should click Yes. You must restart windows on your own even when Windows doesn’t ask.

    After Windows has restarted, check if your camera is working fine. In case you are not able to access certain features, go to the manufacturer website, locate the latest drivers for your camera model, download it, and install it. Finally, restart windows.

    I hope, This article will help you to resolve windows 10 camera not working problem.