Windows Phone Error 80073CF6 – How to Fix

Windows Phone Error 80073CF6 – How to Fix

October 16, 2018 By kirsten

    Microsoft Windows Phone is a good mobile OS. It is less buggy than other mobile OS. But still there are some annoying errors. Error code 80073CF6 is one of them. When you try to update or install any apps, You may face error 80073CF6. This error is seen in windows phone 8.1 and 8. Windows 10 mobile users also may face this problem. It may prevent you from installing or updating apps. Error 80073CF6 of Windows mobile during installation / update may appear with the following message.

    “There is a Problem Completing your Request. Try Again Later.

    Inquiring minds might find this Error Code helpful: 80073CF6″

    How to Fix Error Error 80073CF6:

    Repairing error 80073CF6 is not a big deal. Now you will know a few methods to resolve this error.

    1. Try in Wi-Fi:

    Sometimes, This error may appear only in cellular network. So, You can try to install or update apps in Wi-Fi. It may fix error 80073cf6. If this error appears in wifi, You can try in different wifi or use VPN.

    2. Correct Time & Date:

    This is a common reason for any windows store errors. You should check your time setting and correct it. To do it –

    • Navigate to Settings > Date+Time
    • Then correct time & date.
    • Restart your phone and check if this method works.

    Error 80073CF6 how to fix it

    3. Clear Cache & Soft Reset:

    Clearing cache & history + Soft reset may solve error 80073cf6. To do it –

    • Go to Settings > Applications > Internet Explorer.
    • Tap on delete history.
    • Now press and hold power button + volume down button. After a few seconds approximately 10 seconds, Your windows mobile will restart automatically.
    • Now navigate to Settings > Email+Accounts and sync Microsoft account.
    • Now try to install any apps or update, You won’t face error 80073cf6 again.

    4. Turn Off Windows Phone Automatic Update Feature:

    If 1st three methods fail to resolve error 80073cf6, You can follow this method. You can do the following things.

    • Go to Settings > Applications > Store.
    • Now turn of automatic update.
    • Now go to Settings > Date+Time.
    • Turn off automatic time update. Then set your correct time manually.
    • Restart your PC.
    • Check, If this methods work.

    5. Reset Windows Mobile:

    This is the last method you can follow. Just backup your data and reset your phone. Hope it will work.

    These are the best methods to fix error 80073cf6 on windows phone.

    source: techanges