WinX DVD Copy Pro – Best Scratched DVD Backup Solution

WinX DVD Copy Pro – Best Scratched DVD Backup Solution

October 23, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    External damages such as scratches on a DVD can result a choppy playback, a frozen screen and eventually make it unable to play. To make your life easier, the best is to recover your DVD content by using some software apps. With WinX DVD Copy Pro, not only can you backup scratched DVDs, but also helps to fix data from bad sectors and retrieve data from sector with no scratches, makes your DVDs as new as you just bought it.

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    WinX DVD Copy Pro Overview

    WinX DVD Copy Pro uses advanced sector-to-sector DVD copy process, which ensures that each sector of your DVDs backed up perfectly. Plus, it reads bad sectors very well that supports to skip the blank sectors and fix broken sectors. In this regard, this up-to-date software is bound to give you the best quality backup of your scratched and damaged DVD, reappear your DVD’s old glamour!

    9 DVD Copy Modes

    WinX DVD Copy Pro bypasses all DVD protection system swiftly and losslessly backup scratched DVD data in 9 different backup solutions. Such DVDs include those protected by region code and read-only trick. No matter your DVDs are purchased from Australia or Japan, it helps to unlock all region codes. Obviously, it helps you to recover data from different types of scratched disks. It is also one of the best DVD copy software to constantly support copying the latest DVDs with 99 titles.

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    Custom Your DVD Backup Preference Freely

    With this powerful DVD backup software, you will have custom DVD copy preference. You can either 1:1 clone scratched DVD to any blank DVD disk instantly without any quality loss or backup DVDs to ISO image file or VIDEO_TS Folder for later burning. Besides, if you don’t want to backup the entire DVD content, you can select certain DVD chapters to copy. Also, WinX DVD Copy Pro is able to extract audio or video only which allows you to play your scratched DVD data on other devices like iPhone, iPad, Android, PS4, etc.

    Other Functions

    Renew Old DVD

    WinX DVD Copy Pro ensures 100% original copy of your DVDs on Windows (10), which means your old stock of DVDs, no matter whether it is scratched or unplayable, can be published into a brand-new one. Don’t let anyone take them away that you’ve paid money for. Those old DVDs, you have the right to own and play as often as you like. This DVD copier does not merely help to renew your old DVDs, but also restart the value of those old DVDs!

    High Quality

    As mentioned before, it can also help mount ISO to a virtual drive and burn DVD to DVD, keeping absolutely the same quality, structure and content as the original one. Carried with ISO mounter and DVD burner, it will satisfy various need of your DVD copying process.

    All Accessible

    WinX DVD Copy Pro just is an all-in-one copier with unlimited access to all region codes and read-only DVDs and no third party DVD decrypter required to help. It is achievable for any scratched DVDs, 99 titles DVDs, even those bad sectors carried with Sony ARccOS or Disney’s fake.

    Easy to Operate

    Also, as simple as three-step routine, WinX DVD Copy Pro is quite easy to operate. With its straightforward interface and clear direction, all users can find their way to use it. For example, the exact type of DVD protection can be chosen according to your preference, as well as the number of sectors to read and jump before copying your every protected DVD.

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    Chance to get a free copy

    WinX DVD Copy Pro has a giveaway activity now. You can just submit your email to get a giveaway license key. Totally free to use its full functions without limit! But, Its full version cost you $29.95 with lifetime update. You can get this by clicking on the following link: get a free giveaway on WinX DVD Copy Pro


    In conclusion, the feature-rich WinX DVD Copy Pro provides you an ultimate backup solution for your scratched and damaged DVDs. With low CPU cost performance, it also guarantees you a much smoother and faster DVD backup experience even in slow computers. Effective enough to make sure you backup your DVD in about 12-15 minutes with original image quality and hi-fi sound.