How to Wipe Android Phone Completely Before Selling It

How to Wipe Android Phone Completely Before Selling It

October 26, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    A few years ago, Data recovery was not very easy. So, Peoples could feel secured by formating or doing factory reset of android phone before selling it. Though, That was not secured enough. But, Nowadays, Data recovery is very common thing. Even, There are so many free tools that are good enough to restore data from an erased android phone. In this situation, If You can erase all personal data completely, It may make you feel secured.

    Erase Android Phone Completely

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    If you are planning to sell your android device, You may get some money. But, You will also get some privacy concern. Because, You know data recovery is very easy now and factory reset doesn’t delete all data. But, Don’t worry. It is possible to wipe android phone completely. You should do it before your phone is going to another person’s hand.

    Best Methods to Wipe Android Phone Completely:

    There are several methods to erase data from android phone completely to make it almost impossible to recover. I’m not going to describe all methods. Because, All are not easy. Here are the most easiest ways to wipe an android phone completely.

    1. Encrypt Data and Fully Erase Android Phone:

    Actually, This is the easiest and secured way to wipe android phone completely and make it unrecoverable. To do all of this, You won’t need any third-party software. Because, The relevant options are available in your android device. All you need to do just follow the steps that i’m going to describe.

    Step 1: Encrypt Your Phone / Tab:

    Before doing factory reset, You should encrypt your device completely. If you don’t know about it, Read: How to Encrypt Android Phone. Encryption make sure your content is not readable any more in normal process. Because, It converts all of your data into code. That is not reversible by any ordinary or intermediate way. In some cases, It is almost impossible to break encryption. As a result, This makes sure that your data is secured enough. So, It is very important step to “wipe android phone” completely.

    Step 2: Do Factory Reset

    After doing the first step, Do a factory reset of your phone. It will wipe your device. As you already have encrypted your android, After factory reset, It will be almost unrecoverable. To do factory reset –

    • Go to Settings > Backup & Reset.
    • Now, Tap on Reset phone or Factory Data Reset. (Different android versions may have different option)
    • Done.

    Great! You have just wiped your android phone completely. But, For extra security, You can follow two more steps. Though these are optional, I’m still recommending these to you.

    Step 3: Load Fake Data

    After resetting your phone, You can load fake images, contacts etc. in your phone. So that your phone buyer will see just these fake contents in your phone, If he/ she attempt recovering your phone storage.

    Step 4: Again Do Factory Reset

    Okay, After loading dammy data, Just reset it again to make sure every files are deleted from your phone. This will be like another security layer. Now, It is more harder to find your actual contents’ location. It also makes sure that you have wiped android phone completely.

    2. Fully Wipe Android Phone with Third-party Software:

    There are plenty of safe android phone eraser software for PC. These softwares just overwrite your existing data with random codes. That’s why, It makes really harder to recover deleted files. Wondershare SafeEraser is a popular one. You can use it to wipe android phone completely. Here are the instructions.

    • At first, Reset your phone like before.
    • Now, Download SafeWiper and install it ionyour PC.

    connect phone safewiper

    • Connect your android device with PC via USB cable.
    • Then, Open Wondershare SafeEraser and choose relevant option like Erase all data.

    safewiper screenshot 2

    • It is recommended to do another factory reset after deleting all data by this software.

    This software also has Mac version. If you don’t like it and want something that can do same job from your phone instead of PC or Mac, Secure Erase with iShredder can be a good option. You can install it from play store. There are also some other apps that can securely wipe your android free storage. I recommend you to do a factory reset, use one of your favourite apps to erase all deleted data.

    How to Verify If Android Phone is Completely Wiped:

    Okay, After deleting every data completely from your phone, You may still stuck at security concern. Because, You are not sure “Is my phone is really unrecoverable?”. Yes, That’s why you can verify, If everything is ok or not. Follow these steps.

    • There are plenty of android data recovery softwares available. Download any of them and install it in your PC or Mac.
    • Now, Connect your android phone with computer and run the data recovery software.
    • Scan your phone and see if any of your personal data is recoverable or not.

    I hope, This article will help great to wipe android phone completely. If you know any other secured way, You can share that technique.