How to Fix WmiPrvSE.exe High CPU Usage

How to Fix WmiPrvSE.exe High CPU Usage

October 11, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Many windows users are facing high CPU usage problem. Specially, The windows 10 users have been facing it frequently. Most of them upgraded to windows 10 from windows 7, 8 or 8.1. This problem can be appeared in any versions of windows. The most common among this types of problem is WmiPrvSE.exe high CPU usage problem.

    Ways to solve WmiPrvSE.exe High CPU Usage

    You can easily reduce cpu usage of your PC by following multiple methods. But when you want to repair wmiprvse.exe high memory usage problem, You have to follow one method with several steps.

    Fix WmiPrvSE.exe High CPU Usage on Windows 10:

    You can follow the given steps to resolve this problem.

    • Type Windows Flag key + R from keyboard and type services.msc. Press Enter.
    • Now find Windows Management Instrumentation Service.
    • Right click on it and select restart.
    • Now open Command Prompt in administrator mode. Just press Windows Logo + X from keyboard and click on Command Prompt (Admin).
    • Now type the following commands one by one. After typing each comment, Press Enter.

    net stop iphlpsvc
    net stop wscsvc
    net stop Winmgmt
    net start Winmgmt
    net start wscsvc
    net start iphlpsvc

    After completing this processes, Restart your Windows 10 PC. Hopefully, You won’t face WmiPrvSE.exe high CPU usage issue again.

    Alternative Methods to Repair WmiPrvSE.exe High CPU Usage:

    Sometimes, The method mentioned above may not resolve WmiPrvSE.exe CPU usage. You may still face CPU slow down problem. Then you can follow the alternative methods.

    Removing Search Conduit or Similar Programs to Solve WmiPrvSE.exe High CPU Issue:

    Over CPU usage problem may be caused by any thirdparty tools, programs or viruses. Search Conduit is one of them. Many windows 7,8 & 10 users reported this problem. Anyway, Let’s know the solution.

    • At first open Task Manager. To open it press Windows Logo + R from keyboard. Type taskmgr and press enter.
    • Find search conduit. Right click on it and select kill from the menu.
    • After doing it, Go to Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features.
    • Find Conduit Engine or Search Protected by Conduit.
    • Uninstall it.
    • Restart your PC.

    Fixing Corrupted System Files:

    It can be followed after following first alternative method. To do it –

    • Open Command Prompt as administrator.
    • Now type sfc /scannow and press enter.
    • Wait for a few minutes to complete the process.
    • After completing the process type DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth and press Enter.
    • It should solve the WmiPrvSE high CPU usage problem.

    I hope, All of these methods will help you to fix WmiPrvSE.exe CPU overloaded problem. If you know any better one, You can share.