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WordPress is the most popular CMS. Thousands of plugins, Themes and user friendliness has made it best. But this CMS is a bit slow than others. So, Many users prefer to use cache plugins for wordpress site. There are some good wordpress cache plugins. Most of them are free. But WP Rocket is not free. It is considered as very good wordpress cache plugin. But, Does it worth money? Let’s know in details.

Speed WP Rocket

WP Rocket Cache Plugin Review:

WP Rocket is a premium wordpress cache plugin. It has some great features. Let’s know all about it.


Page Cache, JS & CSS minification, HTML minification, Lazy load, CDN, Cloudflare, Cache preloading, GZip compression, Browser Cache, DNS Prefetching and everything is available in this plugin. It has all features of a great wordpress cache plugin. Specially, Lazy load feature makes it different than others. When someone visit your website, All images won’t load until he/she scroll down. It increaseses your page speed score.

WP Rocket comes with Google font optimization, Defer JS loading. You may know more about its feature from here: http://wp-rocket.me/features/

Page Speed:

WP Rocket is most speedy wordpress cache plugin. When i compare it with other cache plugins, It beat almost all cache plugins with lowest page loading time. This plugin improve your page load time by 15%-80%. It depends how you have configured this plugin.


WP Rocket performance is very good. In gtmetrix., pingdom tools, You will get the maximum page speed & yslow score. In google page speed insight you will also have great scores. It will depend on your configuration.

This plugin works great with cloudflare. So you don’t need to be worried, If you are a cloudflare user. You also can configure any CDN with this plugin.

You may face some problems with js minification. This is not a very big issue. Because, You may face this problem with any cache plugin which has js/css minify option. But its minification problem can interrupt you. Developers should take it seriously. However, WP Rocket has gave instruction to fix any minification issue. Here is the link: http://docs.wp-rocket.me/article/19-resolving-issues-with-minification

Else, Some users have complaints about CPU usage.

User Friendliness:

WP Rocket’s dashboard is not complex. It is easier to configure. If you need advanced configuration, You can visit their website or contact with customer support agents to get instruction. With basic configuration, Your website will be super fast. So, Normally, You won’t need advanced configuration.

You will get all instructions to solve any issues from their website/blog. The best thing is their customer support agents are always ready to help you to fix any issue.

wp rocket screenshot
WP rocket interface – Click to view in full size


Customer Support:

All premium products must have good customer support. WP Rocket also has very good customer support. According to my experience, I didn’t find any issue with it. Their cutomer support agents are so helpful as anyone expect.


WP Rocket has 3 price plans. These are personal (1 site – $39), Business (3 sites – $99) and Pro (Unlimited sites – $199). Pricing is OK. But, I think, They should offer a free trailer before purchasing full version. Though WP Rocket offers 30 days money back guarantee. Their money back guarantee sucks. Because, At first you have to request for refund at first. If they can fix your problem, You won’t get refund. They just measure page load time. They use pingdom tool to measure page speed. When you enable, Lazy load, Your page speed will be improved by 50% or more. But there are many persons like me who don’t like lazy load feature. So, It is difficult to get refund from them. You can read their refund policy from here: http://wp-rocket.me/refund-policy/

But the good thing is, A single license can be used in different wordpress installs. Suppose, Your website is www.xtremerain.com. You have another site in your subdomain bn.xtremerain.com. You can use your single licensed wp rocket cache plugin in both sites. This is a plus point i think.

price plan screenshot wp rocket
Click here to see full wp rocket price plan

So Here the Good & Bad things I found –

The Good:

  • WP Rocket makes most of the users happy with its page speed.
  • Single License can be used in all sub-domains.
  • Lazy Load is a great feature.
  • Google font minification is an awesome and unique feature of them.
  • Inline JS & CSS minification.
  • CDN & Cloudflare Integration.
  • Cache Preload.
  • And some advanced features.

The Bad:

  • CSS & JS Minification
  • Pricing.
  • Refund Policy.

Our Score:



WP Rocket is a great premium wordpress cache plugin with most necessary features and great performance. Most bloggers/webmasters think this is one of the best cache plugin for wordpress. You may buy this plugin or not, Everything depends on you. But it is not a bad idea to have WP Rocket wordpress cache plugin. After considering pros & cons, I must say this is an excellent cache plugin.

***This review is according to the author’s experience with this plugin.