How to Write a High Quality SEO Friendly Article

How to Write a High Quality SEO Friendly Article

September 22, 2018 By alberto

    SEO friendly and high quality unique content is must for a blog. Otherwise, It can’t rank higher on search engines and anywhere else. Everyone also knows this truth. But the common question is “How to write a high quality SEO friendly unique article?”. There are so many contents available online on it. Many peoples know the basic methods to do it. So, In this article, I’ll try to describe these basic methods as well as some unique methods that will help you to dominate the search engine’s result pages. But, You also should know that only SEO friendly articles can’t help your blog, If that is not configured properly. I’ll write another article on it. Anyway, Let’s focus on our main topic.

    What is High Quality SEO Friendly Article:

    Well, I have mentioned “High Quality“. Because, low quality contents also can rank on search engine. So, At first you should know the term “SEO Friendly“. If your content has the ideal keyword density, sub-headings, several paragraphs, minimum words, It can be a search engine friendly article. Because, It has all the quality to be indexed by search engine bots and rank higher. But, It also can lose rank. Robots will index and give you the place at top because they can’t properly understand that your article is low quality. But when it notices that it has high bounce rate and users are not accepting this article, It may give you penalty. If your blog is full of high quality and SEO optimized articles, It will be ranked higher and higher. Making an blog post natural and easier to readers is must. A natural article that can attract visitors is called high quality article.

    Here is How to Write Unique, High Quality & SEO Friendly Article:

    Now, We will focus on some basic and advanced steps. Hope, You will like it.

    1. Thinking:

    There is no alternative of thinking! At first, You should have a plan to impress readers. Then you should have the plan how you will make the content search engine friendly.

    2. Making Structure:

    You have written a great informative article by using wonderful words. But peoples are ignoring it. Why? Because, Your structure is not user friendly. So, Draw a structure on your mind. Your article should have several paragraphs instead of a single one. You also should have proper sub headings on your content. Because, It will help the users to point out the information what they are looking for. Images make a blog post more friendly for the readers. So, Also try to have at least one image. Here are the things that you should have in an article –

    1. Title.
    2. Introduction.
    3. Image.
    4. Sub-headings.
    5. Description.
    6. Conclusion.

    3. Placing Focus Keyword(s):

    OK. The next thing is focus keyword. What is it? Actually, It is the common or popular key phrase or word that peoples use to search online. Suppose, You want to know how to start a blog. You will search on google by typing “start a blog” or “starting a blog” or the whole sentence or anything else. These are the keyword. It is very important for SEO. Try to have the focus keyword on your Title, at least one of the Sub-Headings, First paragraph (Introduction). Then place it naturally on whole blog post. But be careful! You can’t use it repeatedly. You should maintain the density between 0.5%-2%. Sometimes, It can be higher or lower than recommended amount and it depends on content niche. You also may have multiple focus keywords.

    4. LSI Keywords: 

    Latent Semantic Indexing is the full form. LSI keywords help your blog post to rank higher. I already mentioned that there are many peoples who know how to create a SEO friendly article. So, Competition is higher than your expectation. You have to follow some advanced method. Using LSI keywords is one of them. but what is it actually? Let me explain.

    Suppose, You have wrote a news article “Yoast has released a major version of their SEO plugin today”. You have your own focus keyword for it. Another guy has also wrote similar post and he has used the same focus keyword. But his article doing better in search engine ranking. Why? Because, he has also used some addition keywords related to that topic. These can be “Best SEO plugin”, “SEO Pressor”, “All in One SEO”, “Search Engine Optimization”, “WordPress” etc. These are the LSI keywords. Even a synonym of your main keyword is also same. So, You should use it in your future articles. LSI Graph is an awesome tool to find out LSI Keywords. You can consider using it. It’s totally free online tool.

    5. SEO Optimized Image:

    Having images makes your contents more professional in look. But having images with alternative texts (contained focus or LSI keywords), caption can make your article more awesome to search engines. So, You always should consider having at list alternative text on the pictures on your post

    6. Avoid being Robot:

    There are many peoples who write like a robot. They place or eliminate focus keywords by force. It makes an article unnatural. Their only aim to keep the ideal keyword density. It is totally wrong. Again some peoples think placing more keywords make articles SEO optimized. Actually, These tricks don’t help but harm your blog. So, Try to avoid being robot and write naturally.

    7. Must Use Sub-Heading:

    I have already mentioned what should exist in a ideal SEO suitable blog post. Again, I have to say one thing. You must have at least one sub heading. Some small news article may not need it. But a bigger article must have it. Search engines give priority on it.

    7. Avoid Keyword Stuffing:

    Some peoples are so crazy that they place same words again and again so that they can rank higher on google, bing, yahoo etc. It is very very old technique. Search engine bots became enough smart to understand keyword stuffing many years ago. So, Don’t do it, If you want to make a SEO suitable blog post. Read what google says about Keyword Stuffing.

    8. Avoid Bigger Sentences:

    Some new bloggers can do this mistake. If you have bigger sentences in your article, It will make it harder to read for younger aged peoples. Obviously, Search engines like the contents suitable for everyone. So, You should make your sentences as smaller as possible.

    9. Using External Link:

    Many peoples are not interested to use outbound links. Because, They are afraid of losing their rank, page rank and domain authority. But, External links can play important role. External links help the search engines to understand what is your article topic. You may use at least one outbound link.

    10. Using SEO Plugin:

    First 8 steps are most important. A SEO plugin can help you to maintain these things. There are several plugins like Yoast, All in One SEO, SEO Pressor, Squirrly etc. You can use any of them. Personally, I use yoast premium plugin. Here is How to Optimize an Article by Yoast SEO.

    These are the some important steps. But you also can follow some additional ways to make your article for suitable for search engines.

    11. Additional things:

    You can bold your focus & important keywords of your blog post. Having underlined and italic form of keyword also can help you to rank higher. But it is not mandatory to follow. But, It may bring small benefits for you. Another, New SEO technique is using less passive voices. It makes the article easier to read.

    So, These are the ways to make an article SEO friendly. If you think that this article helps you, You can comment to inspire or criticize me.