10 Xbox One Backwards Compatible Xbox 360 Games

10 Xbox One Backwards Compatible Xbox 360 Games

October 18, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Backward compatible is the holy sacrifice of your current video console features. You get anxious if your favorite game is available or not. As we all know on 12 November of 2015, Microsoft prepared a list of downloadable and disc-based Xbox 360 games which are compatible with Xbox One features. Microsoft made another announcement in December 2015 that there are gladly available 120 Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One. You might not need your Xbox 360 console in the further future if Microsoft performs its full efforts. You might not get every game available from your old console but there will be more playable Xbox 360 games as time goes on.

    Xbox One Has Backwards Compatibility With These Xbox 360 Games:

    Well, it isn’t trouble-free to know if your favorite game is playable on Xbox one or should be kept aside with your old Xbox 360 console. Let’s know about top 10 Xbox one compatible 360 games.

    10. Gears of War 3:

    Gears of War 3 HD

    It is the most retroactive favorite game that we enjoyed enormously on Xbox 360. In the climax of Gears of War Saga we can see, Marcus Fenix along with his force craft all the remaining efforts to save the miscellany of the world from the Locust Horde.

    The gears wars series involves all the four console’s best games. All four series of The Gears of War games have backward compatibility on Xbox One. If you want to enjoy the entire story in a way then Gears of War 3 is the quick fix.

    9. Assassin’s Creed II:

    Assassins Creed II HD

    Assassin’s Creed faced too many ups and downs over the year.  It’s an unforgettable franchise game which makes you fall in love with ACII series again and again. It’s the jewel of all the franchise game. Later on, entries make some changes to its systems. ACII holds the toughest entry and also maintains a balance between secret history and sci-fi.

    8. Braid:

    Braid HD

    This game overlaid the technique for indie development on game consoles. It’s all about Jonathan Blow’s time-travel-centric formatted with puzzle and is a masterclass game that holds awesome video design and epic storytelling.

    7. Super Meat Boy:

    Super Meat Boy HD

    Xbox one makes the Super Meat Boy game snappy. You can enjoy excellence original soundtrack also on latest arrived PS4 and Vita versions. It has the super competence to play on the every current generation console.

    6. Peggle:

    Peggle HD

    Peggle is pachinko-esque brick breaking game that tells players to break an accurate set of bricks by using hard metal balls. There are also chances to rack up extra bonuses using multipliers, tricks, and half-lucky achievements. It delighted players with its responsive sounds, dazzling light, and amazing music.

    5. Portal: Still Alive

    Portal Still Alive HD

    In the valve’s masterful puzzle game players stay in a laboratory to complete the series of tentative puzzles. Players can use a gun to make portals. There are fascinating contents like “why, What and Where” in this game to get really thrilled on. Maybe that’s why it is regarded as the best games of this generation. It is worth to have on your hard drive even you are not the hardcore fan of it.

    4. Spelunky:

    Spelunky HD

    Spelunky is a replayable endless rouge-like formed a whole statuette of speedy runners game. It has daily streamers of challenge and still sticks with the console since it arrives on Xbox Live Arcade 2012. Gladly it is available on Xbox one with backward compatibility.

    3. Deus Ex: Human Revolution

    Deus Ex Human Revolution HD

    The storm’s innovative action-RPG by the cyberpunk reboot in Deus Ex: Human Revolution created the 21st century’s franchise. It also creates a connection between our own world and wild world of cyborg conspiracy scheme.

    Adam Jensen is a corporate security expert should be controlled by players to discover the global conspiracy during his investigation. An attack on the group compelled him to reinstate almost all of his body parts by robotic prosthetics.

    2. Halo: Reach

    Halo Reach HD

    Halo: Reach is the only series that hasn’t been remastered for this generation. It is the peak of the storyline.  The Halo trilogy extract from Halo novels. It has a team of Spartan soldiers fight against the Covenant for control of the planet Reach.

    1. Fallout 3:

    Fallout 3 HD

    Bethesda’s real re-imaging put the gold standard for open-world RPGs of the Fallout universe. It still conjures up exciting favorite memories for its players. Now, you can contrivance much appealing wasteland in Fallout 4. The destroyed Washington D.C has maintained its particular charisma.

    So, here you got the top 10 Xbox One backward compatible Xbox 360 games to enjoy now on your console.