Youthful Blood, Possible or Impossible Benefits

Youthful Blood, Possible or Impossible Benefits

September 6, 2019 By ellen

    Looking for Cures

    Red Blood Cells

    Everyone is looking for a cure to their illnesses or diseases. Pharmaceutical companies have not provided sufficient help in finding the magic drug. We continue to search for cures to cancer or Alzheimer’s disease that takes life slowly. Everyone who is afflicted with these diseases are desperate to find answers and treatment. Young blood is up for grabs, but there isn’t consistent evidence on its impacts. Another popular idea for obtaining a blood transfusion from a youthful source is for reversing the aging process.

    Reversing Signs of Aging with Mice

    Young Blood

    The idea for reversing signs of aging began with researchers giving old mice young blood and reversing the aging process. Last year, it was noticed that a growth factor in the blood was responsible for an anti-aging tissue located on the heart.

    Plasma as a Cure?


    Is plasma providing health benefits as well? Plasma is normally used to treat trauma patients or help with clotting of blood when patients are having allergic reactions or illnesses. Plasma being used for any other purpose as a curing agent needs to be researched extensively. Plasma could be harmful if utilized incorrectly.

    Plasma is not the Cure Toward Ailments

    Plasma Dangers

    Plasma has not been proven to cure diseases (Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease) or produce anti-aging qualities. It is not FDA approved and large amounts of plasma can cause the following: infectious, allergic, respiratory, and cardiovascular risks. The risks of plasma infusion need to be tested because the risks outweigh the benefits.

    The Need to be Young and Disease Free: Defeating Age


    People are being preyed upon for desperate measures: defeat mortality and disease. No one wants to see the wrinkles and the aging process take over their body, but defeating mortality is not a possibility with new/young blood. Perhaps there are some qualities in young blood, that have been tested on rats, which show vital elements. However, generating youth is not yet a possibility.