7 Handy Youtube Tips & Tricks You Should Know

7 Handy Youtube Tips & Tricks You Should Know

October 19, 2018 By alberto

    Youtube is one of the most popular online video streaming sites. It has the most visiting position of 3rd after Google and Facebook. You can find every possible video on tutorials, new music videos, tips & tricks of software or gadget there. As a tech freak, I find many tech solutions from this site. Thankfully there are many useful tips, tricks, and features for regular users.

    Youtube Tips & Tricks You Should Know

    Useful Youtube Tips, Tricks & Features For Every User:

    You can be a regular Youtube visitor or channel owner but you can’t skip knowing these cool tips & tricks. So, sit back and get informed about the whole article.

    1. Specific Time Duration:

    You may want visitors to see only the certain portion of a video. There is no official option to do it. But you can let users know which minute they can pull to start from. I can bet you didn’t know this hack till now. This trick will send the user a link or embed a certain portion of the video.

    • After the Youtube video URL link add #t=01m20s. So, you have set 1 minute and 20 seconds as the starting point of the video.
    • If you want to embed a portion of a Youtube video the process is the same. In the embed code from the original video add #t=01m20s and paste it to your website.
    • Open a video and click the share button. Tap on “start at” and enter the specific time to view other. Now, share the video you want with. So, when they will open the link they will see the videos from a specific start time.
    1. Auto Video Replay:

    You may like one video so much or for necessary you need to replay that video many times. To diminish your annoying task to replay the video every time it’s near the end you should know about looping feature.

    Take this URL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TyZEwpDPCCw for example. Replace youtube with the infinitelooper in the URL. So, the URL will look like this https://www.infinitelooper.com/watch?v=TyZEwpDPCCw. It will redirect you to you to another third-party platform where you will have the option to select the portions of the video.

    1. High-Definition Video:

      Youtube grants video quality for you that has been set by default. The default resolution is usually low. To see HD videos you have to install an extension “Magic Actions for Youtube”.  It is available only for Google Chrome and Firefox. You have to enable the option Auto HD in the extension and select the video resolution you want to play.

    1. Accurate Keyword Searching:

    There are millions of videos you can get on Youtube. Sometimes, you may not find the exact video you’re searching. So, what then? Every time you can’t remember the title you want to view. Gladly, you can search with the keywords. Add allintitle before the keywords. For example: “allintitle: Xbox one.” So, the result will show all the videos including Xbox one.  

    1. Customize Video Ads:

    You see video Youtube videos with 30 seconds of ads before playing video. Sometimes, these ads are annoying and useless. But you can’t disable these ads in Youtube. You have to customize them heading over to Ads Settings. You can customize here ads for Youtube and Google websites. So, Google will make sure showing ads according to your interests.

    1. Watch Legal TV shows and Movies:   

    Do you see TV shows and movies uploaded by other users? But you can see them legally. To see movies legally go for YouTube Movies and TV shows for YouTube Shows.

    1. Keyboard Shortcuts:

    You can use your mouse for controlling everything. But there are some basic keyword shortcuts you can use. These shortcuts help you to stream your video without any hassle.

    • Spacebar = Play/Pause
    • Left/Right arrow keys = Rewind/Forward
    • Up/Down arrow keys = Raise/Lower volume
    • Home/End = Beginning/End the video
    • M button = Mute the video.
    1. Watch Videos With Slow Internet Speed:

    People who see Youtube videos with slow internet speed know what real struggle is! YouTube has launched a robust feature called “Feather Beta”. This feature cuts off some systems that lower your browsing speed. To avail this feature go here and simply enjoy.

    Youtube tips, tricks and hacks are many to describe. Still, you can go for these above-described details to make your YouTube experience better.